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Longer Term Cover-ups 1980-Current
  • Quartz Mountain Aerospace (QMA) Altus OK, like Altus Venture, are subsidiaries of First State Bank Altus OK.
  • Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC).
  • Gross Production (GP) Tax Refunds.
  • $2.12 billion. Oklahoma Authorities Stole Federal Stimulus funds & drained Oklahoma's Rainy Day fund to cover-up. View

Crimes to cover-up, Oklahoma State Securities Department (OSSD) roles, cover-ups, and mistakes. "Oklahoma Department of Securities Leaked Millions of Files (including FBI files) 1986 to 2016." View

September 22, 2007, to October 12, 2007. Re: Foxborough Funding Company LLC and Capital West Securities advertising tax credits for sale at half-price one year after state lawmakers claimed to have closed the phantom loophole. View

More evidence of tax revenue theft passed-off to OSSD, who then proclaimed they could not find any securities violation.

July 15, 2016. OSSD closed Security violation cover-up. Re: 15 days after Paul Doughty was convicted by a federal jury for among other crimes "Senior Life Settlement" (death insurance) fraud (2008), OSSD closed the state's case against FSB and Doughty for the same 2008 crimes by claiming the crimes were outside OSSD's jurisdiction. Re: OSSD 08 026 Securities violations Foxborough Funding LLC View

Missing 1982 Oklahoma National Bank, bank fraud investigation, where Paul Harold Doughty was the ONB Ex VP and accused of related bank fraud crimes. View

October 1, 1982. Criminal Allegations Made Against Oklahoma National Bank. View

Later, the Oklahoma Securities Commission reported a group of officials and securities salesmen connected with the bankrupt Oklahoma City firm Vulcan Oil & Gas Corp. has consented to a permanent injunction against future violations of state securities law.

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