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Start with Paul Doughty, Oklahoma banker, FDIC, FBI, OSSD. The missing 1982 Oklahoma National Bank OKC (ONB) fraud investigation and ONB president's missing body the media reported as a drowning accident. Sources close to Doughty's family reported Paul Doughty's father paid a fortune to get his son out of trouble in the 1980s. None could remember exactly what Doughty was involved. The DOJ failed to include in the 2016 criminal trial evidence.

1982 to currentAltus OK banker Doughty's Cover-up History. Diagramed.View
1982 to currentAltus OK banker Doughty's Prior Cases. Diagramed.View
3/30/2006FSB FDIC Dec 2005 Call Report Evidence of Fake Loans. View
3/30/2006News articles. Starting 2006 state authorities tried to cover-up by claiming unidentified attorneys (Andrews Davis Law firm) had found a (phantom) loopholeView
5/26/2006Senate approves plan to close loophole SB1577. Business tax credit raises fears of abuse.View
5/26/2006See SB1577 2006View
7/1/2009Impact and effects of tax revenue theft leaving the state $1.2 billion in hole, with only $1.3 billion total FY10 Qtr 1 revenueView
8/1/2009More cover-up. State authorities diverted $2.12 billion Federal Stimulus and Oklahoma Rainy Day Funds Earmarked for Education & Health Care. Diagramed.View
9/1/2009Cover-up BKD Forensic Auditors overlooked Altus Bank`s $643 million of fake loansView
5/1/2010More cover-up. State lawmakers and corrupted OpenBooks. View
12/20/2010Oklahoma Attorney General's tax credit ruling ignored.View
2006 to currentTax Revenue Theft set-up 2005, exposed and covered-up 2006, and cashed in through 2009. There were more. Diagram.View
01/01/2008More crimes to cover-up previously exposed and covered-up crimesView
06/30/16Paul Doughty's testimony regarding criminal profits.View
Multiple Forms of Proof Crimes and Covered-up. Diagramed.View
False reporting. Tax Credits Not Reported in OpenBooks (
Auditors ignoredView
FSB Altus OK Timeline. Diagramed.View
First State Bank Altus OK (FSB Altus) Timelines. Diagramed.View
Altus Bank's 2009 Double Cover-up Timeline. Diagramed.View
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