Like the 1,000s of other pages of evidence uncovered and descriptions of crimes on this site, this web page is only one part of a massive multi-state entanglement of government corruption and cover-up.

Auditors ignored
12/31/2006Bank of Oklahoma's 2006 tax credit investment claim.View
9/1/2009Cover-up bank auditors. BKD Forensic Auditors. Reportedly part of the bank examiners auditing First State Bank Altus OK and subsidiaries; who overlooked evidence of public and private investment funding frauds. Altus Banks $643 million of fake loans
12/31/2009OTC Auditor's survey responses issues IgnoredView
2/11/2010OTC auditor emails tried to question BOK's (CVV) $800 million 2009 claim for a program (68 2357.7) closed in 2008 and included bank loan fraud.View
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