How tax credit fraud and land scam came unwound

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 Cover Letter
1.1What is involved
1.2How much is involved
1.3Who is involved
2Two tax credit claims filed for 2006 are explained below.
2.1.Altus Venture, Affinity Ventures, Quartz Mountain Aerospace, OK Industrial Venture
2.3.Oak Hills Capital
3Oklahoma Tax Commission negligence and cover-up
3.1New evidence uncovered since the original letter.
3.2Copies of Oklahoma Tax Commission emails obtained
4Colorado land scam and tax credit fraud connection
4.1The scam
4.2What Happened?
4.2.1Place liens on the property
4.2.2Deplete the funds to pay off loans bank account Kickbacks and wire transfer fraud
5Coming unwound
5.1Colorado partners seize Altus Groups financial records
6Other noteworthy points related to tax credits include

Updated report to appropriate authorities - evidence of tax credit and bank frauds. Dated 07/10/2010 (cont)

5. How tax credit fraud and land scam came unwound.

August 2007, the Colorado land-owning partners growing increasingly suspicious, called a meeting and informed the Altus Group they were bringing in outside auditors. Immediately the Altus Group partners, and those they brought in, commenced resigning and leaving Colorado.

5.1 Colorado partners seize Altus Group's financial records and emails.

Evidence that proved Altus Venture's false tax credit investment claim and crimes to cover-up in Oklahoma View

In their haste, the Altus Group overlooked the computer they had been using to managed MAPI and MAPI financial records. The server also contained financial records related to Altus Venture's Oklahoma tax credit fraud scheme. Also, the seized computer was configured to log into the Altus Group's email account automatically. This allowed the Colorado victims to intercept correspondence discussing how the Altus Group planned to foreclose and seize the mortgaged property. The Colorado victims, to head off losing their property, filed for bankruptcy while digging through the evidence found the computer. Without the information found on the computer and the server logged into the email account, it is unlikely this scheme would have ever been exposed.

The Colorado victims, having lost virtually everything, were left with little money to fight in court. They heard about my efforts to using to expose the same Altus Group for tax credit fraud and contacted me. In late December 2008, they sent their evidence(R), which was put online at, and shown the FBI and IRS in Denver, Colorado. The FBI, FDIC, Federal Reserve Board, and others were immediately visiting View Website visitor logs. Then shortly issuing Cease & Desist orders and initiating an audit. The FDIC auditors continuously used the information on to assist in the examination.

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