Fraudulent tax credit claims filed by Scissortail Capital
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  Section Topics
 Cover Letter
1.1What is involved
1.2How much is involved
1.3Who is involved
2Two tax credit claims filed for 2006 are explained below.
2.1.Altus Venture, Affinity Ventures, Quartz Mountain Aerospace, OK Industrial Venture
2.3.Oak Hills Capital
3Oklahoma Tax Commission negligence and cover up
3.1New evidence uncovered since the original letter.
3.2Copies of Oklahoma Tax Commission emails obtained
4Colorado land scam and tax credit fraud connection
4.1The scam
4.2What Happened?
4.2.1Place liens on the property
4.2.2Deplete the funds to pay off loans bank account Kickbacks and wire transfer fraud
5Coming unwound
5.1Colorado partners seize Altus Groups financial records
6Other noteworthy points related to tax credits include

Updated report to appropriate authorities - evidence of tax credit and bank frauds. (cont)

2.2 Scissortail Capital, Scissortail Venture Capital, Sidney Clarke

Scissortail was a second suspected fraudulent 2006 tax credit filing claiming $89.5 million was invested in Oklahoma Global Motors; Ardmore Biodiesel; Double B Energy Services; Westheimer Aviation; and Commuter Air Technologies. $27 million in tax credits

No evidence could be found to show three of the companies Oklahoma Global Motors; Ardmore Biodiesel; Double B Energy Services; were ever active businesses; at least within maximum 24 month period required to qualify for tax credits.

Claimed Investment   Amount Claimed   Tax credits
Oklahoma Global Motors   $31,510,000   $9,453,000
Ardmore Biodiesel   $21,038,346   $6,311,503
?Double B Energy Services   $3,862,030   $1,158,609

Commuter Air Technologies ($11.4 million), jobs, were located in Arizona, making it ineligible; at least within maximum 24 month period required to qualify for tax credits.

Westheimer Aviation ($21.8 million), was nothing more than a PO Box in Shawnee, OK, registered to Josh Brim. Shawnee was a location that would qualify for 30% rural tax credits. January 2007, the first month the tax credits were useable and could be sold for cash, Josh Brim purchased a personal (not certified for commercial use) 1991 Beech 400A, corporate turbo-jet. Going for $1.5 to $2 million, at that time. There is no evidence of what happened with the remaining $4.5 to $5 million, or any business activity conducted by Westheimer Aviation. Brim is a key figure in Foxborough, involved in various other fraudulent tax credit programs.

Claimed Investment   Amount Claimed   Tax credits
Commuter Air Technologies   $11.4 million   $3,417,000.00
Westheimer Aviation   $21,793,624   $6,538,087

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