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Section Topics
 Cover Letter
1.1What is involved
1.2How much is involved
1.3Who is involved
2Two tax credit claims filed for 2006 are explained below.
2.1.Altus Venture, Affinity Ventures, Quartz Mountain Aerospace, OK Industrial Venture
2.3.Oak Hills Capital
3Oklahoma Tax Commission negligence and cover-up
3.1New evidence uncovered since the original letter.
3.2Copies of Oklahoma Tax Commission emails obtained
4Colorado land scam and tax credit fraud connection
4.1The scam
4.2What Happened?
4.2.1Place liens on the property
4.2.2Deplete the funds to pay off loans bank account Kickbacks and wire transfer fraud
5Coming unwound
5.1Colorado partners seize Altus Groups financial records
6Other noteworthy points related to tax credits include

Updated report to appropriate authorities - evidence of tax credit and bank frauds. Dated 07/10/2010 (cont)

2.3 Oak Hills Capital, Avondale Investments, and Donald Dillingham

Donald Dillingham is behind both Oak Hills Capital and Avondale Investments, using both to obtain tax credits.

Oak Hills Capital was a third suspected fraudulent 2006 tax credit filing claiming to have invested $75 million in seven LLC's sharing one Mini-Storage unit address to collect $23 million in unearned tax credits.

Oak Hills Capital
Claimed Investment   Amount Claimed   Tax credits
All-State Equipment   $6,795,364   $2,038,609
New Century Medical Equipment   $12,835,687   $3,850,706
Carter County Car Company   $31,555,566   $9,466,697
Eagle Builders   $10,570,566   $3,171,169
Agri-Energy   $9,060,485   $2,718,145
Sentry Storage   $3,775,202   $1,132,560
Oklahoma Agri-Builders   $755,040   $226,512

No evidence could be found that these were active businesses; at the time of the investment, within a maximum 24 month period required to qualify for tax credits; and still not, more than three years later.

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