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Oak Hills and Avondale, Donald Dillingham

# Subject Link
1 Avondale $2 for $1 tax credit fraud offer surfaces exposing fraud! View
2 New tax credit abuse scheme surfaces, while lawmakers keep moratorium gate open 3 months. View
3 Three more false tax credit claims, with one filing bankruptcy shortly after its tax credits were used? View
4 OakHills View
5 Getting $75 million claiming to invested in 7 non-existent LLC's sharing one Mini-Storage Unit? View
6 Ultimate Equipment nd Native View
7 Avondale Investments LLC wins bailout work News OK View
8 SEC Form D Oak Hills 2007 View
9 SEC Form D Oak Hills 2007 PDF View
10 SEC Form D Oak Hills 2008 View
11 SEC Form D Oak Hills 2008 PDF View
12 Oklahoma Venture Capital Fund SEC Form D View
13 Ultimate Equipment Co VII Bankruptcy Summary Schedules Financial Affairs View
14 UE VII Bankruptcy Summary View
15 UE VIII Bankruptcy Summary View
16 UE VIII Bankruptcy Summary View
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