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Economic development tax credits and tax refund frauds

# Subject Link
1 Capital West Securities Tax Credit Letter View
2 2006 Capco Tax Credits Altus Venture & Affinity Ventures View
3 Loophole Users View
4 City funds used to pay construction contractor diverted to obtain tax credits. View
5 Tax Exempt View
6 200 Percent Profit View
7 $31 million tax credits, for investing $9 million, only $5.4 million goes to investments? View
8 Capital West Securities Tax Credit Letter (original) View
9 Chart Tax Credits Taken View
10 Corporate Tax Drops View
11 False Rural Small Business Claims View
12 Oklahomas Financial Cover-Up View
13 $330 million in additional hidden tax credits and mis-use of grandfather clause. View
14 One example of tax credit abuse shell game View
15 Where is $189 million investment used to justify $66 million in tax credits? View
16 Why State Official Refuse To Act View
17 Federal Tax evasion based on state income tax credit fraud, multiple cases View
18 Program Comparison View
19 Tax Credit List Meaning View
20 Risk Analogy View
21 Show How View
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