We're only sayin' You're NOT doin' fine, Oklahoma!

Oklahoma has by many standards the most corruption of any of the fifty states. A fact that is even more profound when realizing Oklahoma has only 1.1% of the total US population.

Oklahoma, with 1.1% of the U.S. population, has the distinction of having the largest public scandal to ever occur in the U.S. The Oklahoma County Commissioner Scandal. Equally as out of proportion Oklahoma has had more Governors impeached and removed from office that any other state. In the history of the United States, 1/3 of all Governors impeached and removed from office, were Oklahoma Governors.

"Abusers justified their illegal behavior on the basis that they were entitled to their gains." From BAD TIMES FOR GOOD OL' BOYS, The Oklahoma County Commissioner Scandal. Harry Holloway, and Frank S. Meyers

In no strict order other than one sense of significant notoriety
Truck tax scandal
Oklahoma Tax Commission
$31 Million
115 separate counts against 17 individuals.

Oklahoma has paid 12 other states more than $30.5 million to resolve a legal dispute about truck registration fees that arose from an Oklahoma Tax Commission scandal, officials confirmed Friday.

For years, private trucking agents gave kickbacks to corrupt Oklahoma Tax Commission employees for allowing truck registration agents to use false projections to make it appear as if more miles would be traveled in low-cost states and less miles in high-cost states to lessen tax bills.

Oklahoma Tax Commission Grand Jury Report

Trucking issue costs state millions
County Commissioner
The largest local corruption investigations in American history.

The County Commissioner scandal, a purchasing kickback scandal resulting in the conviction of 200 individuals, including over 2/3rds of the sitting county commissioners, representing 60 of 77 Oklahoma counties (1981-1984)

Oklahoma has 77 counties. Each county has 3 elected County Commissioners for a total of 231 County Commissioners state wide. During the early 1980's over 200 of Oklahoma's County Commissioners and suppliers were indicted in federal courts in a massive kickback scandal.

The FBI dubbed the investigation of corruption in county government in Oklahoma 'OKSCAM'. OKSCAM was "the largest local corruption investigations in American history." Ref: Bad Times for Good Ol' Boys: The Oklahoma County Commissioner Scandal. Harry Holloway with Frank S. Meyers.

A three-year federal investigation of the state's elected officials has found that graft is routine and nearly ubiquitous in Oklahoma county government.

Several Oklahoma counties saw all three commissioners indicted.

"abusers justified their illegal behavior on the basis that they were entitled to their gains."

From BAD TIMES FOR GOOD OL' BOYS, The Oklahoma County Commissioner Scandal.

The Untouchables Are Back!
Penn Square Outside the government but the same culture mindset that permates our state. As someone once said, about Mark Singer's "Funny Money," a book on Penn Square, "it was a conspiracy of circumstances aided by a large dose of stupidity."
Bribery 3 Justices
Oklahoma State
Supreme Court
Oklahoma's Shocking Scandal
Nelson S. Corn, Chief Justice
Napoleon Bonaparte Johnson, Justice
Earl Welch, Justice

The three justices received $200,000 to reverse a tax claim against an investment company that allegedly milked millions from trusting shareholders. Johnson was impeached and removed him from office. Former Vice Chief Justice Nelson Corn and Justice Earl Welch were also convicted of tax evasion, and Corn said some of the other justices had taken bribes. View more

Gene Stipe
Former State Senator
Gene Stipe resigned from the state Senate in 2003 and gave up his law license as federal prosecutors closed in on him for illegal donations to Walt Roberts, a former state House member from McAlester. Roberts was running for Congress.

Gene Stipe was later investigated and tried on a series of issues some related to Roberts illegal donations, and more that weren't.

50 years in office rife with corruption. The 6 years of federal efforts to try, convict and sentence Stipe have yielded no justice.

Lloyd E. Rader, Sr.
Head of Human Services
1951 to 1982
Rader was forced to resign, following news media investigations, including ABC's News 20/20's "Throwaway Kids," and reports by Gannett News Service, into the abuse and resulting deaths of children in state custody; patronage; and illegal corporate hirings and abuse of the state bid system.
View more
Ghost Employees

Oklahoma State Department of Health.

First made news in May 2000 from a federal investigation into corruption at the department A Multi-County Grand Jury investigating the scandal issued 302 subpoenas for witnesses a nd evidence, heard from 150 witnesses, examined 1242 exhibits and issued 12 indictments involving 15 individuals and 159 separate criminal counts.

The Grand Jury also found cases of shames, involving jobs were no real worked expected or required. These were mostly where current and former members of the Oklahoma Legislature had used their influence to secure employment at the health department for family members, friends and associates, often without regard to the qualifications of those hired.

Most Governors impeached One third of all governors ever impeached and removed in the US.

In the entire history of the US there have been eleven governors impeached. Of those six were removed. Oklahoma had two of the six that were removed.

Not included in these numbers is David Hall who was arrested shortly after leaving office. A federal court convicted Governor David Hall of extortion and other crimes committed during his tenure, as Governor. 1975

David Walters

Governor David Walters avoided seven felony charges by accepting a plea bargain in 1994. Walters facing a multicounty grand jury indictment accusing him of eight felonies, pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor in an agreement with prosecutors.

David Hall
Imprisoned for crimes committed in office. Three days after leaving office, Hall was indicted in federal court for extortion and bribery in connection with investment of state retirement system funds, and other crimes committed during his tenure, as Governor. Prosecutors said the conspiracy involved $10 million in state retirement funds to be transferred to a Dallas firm. Hall was convicted and served 19 months of a three-year sentence.
Henry S. Johnston
Impeached and removed from Office
Johnston was convicted of general incompetency to become the second Oklahoma governor impeached and removed from office.
Jack Walton
Impeached and removed from Office
After claiming more than 60 lawmakers were members of the Ku Klux Klan, Walton was removed from office. KKK violence, prompted Walton to declared martial law in Okmulgee and Tulsa counties before extending it statewide. The legislator then impeached and removed Walton on 11 charges, including general incompetency and padding the public payroll.
Bob Hopkins
Corporation Commissioner
William Anderson
Southwestern Bell attorney
Hopkins and Anderson were caught, convicted and sentenced to prison terms as a result of an FBI investigation involving secret recordings of alleged bribes by Southwestern Bell representatives before a proposed rate increase.
Carroll Fisher
Insurance Commissioner
Insurance Commissioner Carroll Fisher resigned, in 2004, after he was impeached on allegations of corruption in office. In 2006 Fisher was found guilty of embezzlement and perjury, for which he received a three-year prison sentence.
Jeff McMahan
State Auditor and Inspector
McMahan and his wife, Lori McMahan, were convicted on three corruption-related felony counts.
Dan Draper
House Speaker
and others
Joe Fitzgibbon, House Majority Floor Leader;
Barney Girdner, an unsuccessful candidate; Faye Newton, a Sequoyah County court clerk;

A federal grand jury indicted the group afor conspiring to get Draper's father elected to the state House through fraudulent absentee ballots in Adair County.

A jury convicted Draper and Fitzgibbon, but a federal appeals court tossed out the convictions after prosecution witnesses recanted.

John Rogers
Secretary of State
Rogers, resigned before the start of a Senate trial after the House voted to impeach him. Rogers was accused of numerous wrongs including closing his office on the last day that a referendum petition could be delivered to his office.
Leo Winters
State Treasurer
A federal grand jury indicted Winters, for, among other things, of using his position to extort campaign money from banks. Winters was acquitted of four counts during a well-publicized trial, and other counts later were dropped. A few weeks after that, he was re-elected. Winters served five terms and was trying for a sixth when his 1986 campaign was doomed by allegations that a Tulsa bank may have written off millions in loans to him.
A.P. Watson
Corporation Commissioner
Impeached and removed from the position
Perry A. Ballard
Insurance commissioner
Impeached and removed from Office
Impeached and resigned from office.
Leo Meyer
state auditor
Impeached and resigned from office.
Federal S & L Nationwide, but made for Oklahoma
Lance Cargill, R-Harrah
Speaker of the House
Cargill resigned under pressure from the speaker's office before the start of this year's legislative session when exposed for failing to pay state taxes.
Two speakers
House of Representatives
Two speakers of the Oklahoma House of Representatives have been convicted on criminal charges
Various public officials Countless other public officials have drawn jail time.
Campaign Corruption We will never know how many?

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