Another missing $112 million in 2007-2008 tax credits found,
one week after uncovering $163 million!

Tony Mastin's world of fraud and cover-up is starting to unravel at a faster pace, only a week after Oklahoma's Tax Commission, Administrator, was exposed for trying to cover-up a previous attempted cover-up to hide $163 million in tax credit fraud. Now an additional $112 Million has surfaced.

Mastin, defied the law by hiding $280 million of the $370 million in 2007 and 2008 tax credits, uncovered so far. With Mastin being the sole proprietor of Oklahoma tax credits, there is no convenient way for anyone other than Mastin, to know who is taking how much in unearned tax credits. This is another link in a long chain of evidence showing Mastin has allowed numerous groups, using false claims, to scam $100s million in unearned tax credits. Mastin in turn falsifies OTC reports to hide the fraud.

This additional $112 million was found on the state insurance premium tax credits report for 2007 and 2008. Only a week earlier we reported how Mastin, after being exposed for only reporting $64 million in 2007 tax credits, was then caught trying to add $163 million of the missing 2007 tax credits on to Openbooks a year late, while posting 2008 tax credits online. We also explained how the tax credit section of Openbooks had been "jury rigged" to prevent visitors from seeing the tax credit totals. This same "jury rig" would also prevent noticing the additional $163 million, unless someone had a complete copy of the previously reported information and knew what to look for.

The original cover-up was simple, knowing that no one watches or cross checks the tax commission's activities. The tax commission is not only the sole money counter, the commission is the sole reporter, and self monitor of both task. There are no convenient reference points available to verify what the tax commission is doing and/or reporting. This leaves the remaining state officials willing to accept Tax Commission reports at face value. A totally irresponsible situation, that is exactly the level of negligence Oklahoma's government has sunk allowing massive unbridled fraud.

Those few honest and caring government employees are trapped in a position of keeping their mouths shut or losing their jobs. A situation exacerbated by knowing there are no high level state officials that will back them. Something made obviously apparent by our entire body of legislators, except for Representative Mike Reynolds, who are cowering in the corner of denial unwilling to step forward and speak. So afraid they will offend the legislative power brokers who they have to kowtow, like a medieval serf in Oklahoma's feudal political culture. Elected on a promise to serve their constituency, they instead serve their party overlords.

Now with some digging we find multiple widespread sources, including other state and federal agencies with information that consistently and repeatedly exposes the falsehoods in both the tax credit claims allowed to go unchallenged by OTC; and the false reports OTC provides.

Seeing the falsehoods in OTC reports is simple, but takes a little effort. The very thing our elected officials feel is below their station in life. While our government and public prefers the "show us one report that tells everything," way of life. Taking the time to locate other documents and reports that should all match quickly reveals none matches. Not even close! Either one of the latest two finds only verify what has been presented for some time now. This fraud is so pervasive and all consuming that it reaches into every state agency responsible for protecting the public interest. Thus leaving the public helplessly unprotected and stripped of both an honest functioning government.

A typo in the original has been corrected to 2007 and 2008 to match the text which was correct.
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