Metafund found using a hidden subsidiary to claim tax credits, after court ruled Metafund ineligible!
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Note: Oklahoma Tax Commission tax credit reports only at]^butes the amount of each inv¿Æor's shar ÆÆÆÆ ...........fications for tax credits. Minimum requirements are to purchase 51% ownership in the inv¿Æment. The remaining inv¿Æment is reported as one unexplained amount under "Amount inv¿Æed 'in conjunction.'" OTC reports show the majority, (in some cases more than two-thirds), of some inv¿Æments, including MetaMarkets, as "Amount inv¿Æed 'in conjunction.'" That looks highly suspicious since they are claiming the lesser part of the inv¿Æment purchased the larg¿Æ share of inter¿Æ. It is reasonable to suspect "in conjunction" is being used to hide the most sensitive identities.

This is point. The ¼ £ Æ ¿Æ ¶ æ £ ∑ andormation are intended to conf ve. Somethi orts are the inconsistent and meaningless n ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿ compute, never fit or make sense. That works the way the cover up was intended. That leaves those unfamiliar with the subject matter lacking the confidence to trust what they see. Works like a charm and has been working to the tune of some $400 to $500 million in Æiquest;Æ ¶ud. All under the protection of secrecy, false reports and -- let's call a spade a spade -- uninformed ignorance on a massive scale. The unwillingness to spend a little time to learn and understand: while willing to hand the key to our state treasury to unidentified people who have unfettered access and no one is allowed to see who is going in and out or count the money being taken.

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Then we have the case of MetaMarkets claiming 30¿ for supposedly inv¿Æing in Public Supply Company. The only facilities that could be located for PSC are at 1236 NW 4th, Oklahoma City; and 10934 East 55th Place, Tulsa. Both addresses are located in urban and not rural areas. Meaning at most a PSC inv¿Æment would only qualify for 20¿ tax credits as opposed to 30¿. Based on the same "in conjunction" ratio discussed above this would give MetaMarkets an extra unearned $1.2 million in tax credits.

It is more than fair to qu¿Æion to ask what these so ved in return. The same qu¿Æion that every state offici ally be held accountable.

A little digging reveals MetaMarkets OK, LLC applied for and received, federal income tax credits amounting to 39% of its inv¿Æments. The 39% tax credits, which includes 2008 inv¿Æments, were obtained through the US Treasury's, Community Development Financial Institutions'; New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Program. NMTC requires: substantially all of the inv¿Æment must be in low-income communities and depressed areas; the same as the MetaFund charter.

Pat Rooney

MetaMarkets OK, LLC, claimed the 30¿ state share* of those tax credits on at least ¼ £ Æ ¿ £ ∑ million and more likely $24.4 million inv¿Æed in the new world class 18 hole Pa]^ot Golf Course located in Owasso. The Pa]^ot Golf Course is the center piece of the new Stone Canyon luxury home addition, where homes are listed in the $400,000 to $600,000 range. *Info on federal claims have yet to be made available.

Greg Pgle - Ecologimputing ivity

- The Education and Employme EEM)

MetaFund, a non-profit, was rule ¼ £ Æ ¿Æ £ ∑e for tax credits in a 2004 ruling, later reaffirmed by the Oklahoma Court Of Civil Appeals; 2007 OK CIV APP 32, 159 P.3d 1142.

Dennis Shockley - Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency
George Young - Holy Temple Baptist Church

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