Metafund Organization

Board of Directors


A. Thomas Loy - Chairman - MetaFund
Mary Beth Guard - The Glia Group


Members representing investors

Jane Haskin - First Bethany Bank
Royce Kelly - SpiritBank, Bristow
Danny Lawson - First Fidelity Bank

Charles Lee - MidFirst Bank
Chuck Thompson - Republic Bank, Norman

Jeff Webster - Stillwater National Bank, Stillwater


Members representing investors and target market

Larry Briggs - First National Bank, Shawnee
(Citizen Potawatomi Nation-owned bank)


Members representing target market

Shirley Cox - Associated Catholic Charities
(Metro Ministries/faith-based groups, Latinos, & poverty programs)



Advisory Board of Directors

Michael W. Harlan - MetaFund
Jane Carney - Retired, Oklahoma City Community College

Shirley Cox - Associated Catholic Charities

Pat Fennell - Latino Community Development Agency
Michael Jones - Oklahoma Association of Community Action Agencies

Greg Pringle - Ecological Computing Captivity

Pat Rooney - The Education and Employment Ministry (TEEM)

Dennis Shockley - Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency
George Young - Holy Temple Baptist Church