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Documentation related to Colorado land development lawsuit involving Mountain Adventures Partners Investment and FSB Bancorp Altus Oklahoma and subsidiaries

Damaging Altus Communications. View/download

Complaint filed with Mick Thompson, Commissioner, Oklahoma State Banking Department. View/download

Demand Letter by FSB Development Capital to MAPI for Promissory Note of $2.8 million dated 10-31-2006 View/download

Notice: the letter demanding payment is signed by F. Don Anderson VP FSB Development Capital. This is the same Don Anderson that signed for the loan. The lender was Paul Doughty, president of FSB Development Capital.

Objection to First State Bank Altus attorney's claim. View/download

Court case MAPI v FSB et al ABC View/download

Federal Reserve Board cease and desist order against FSB Bancorp and all subsidiaries. View/download

FDIC cease and desist order against First State Bank Altus. View/download

Definite Mirror Account for GCH at First State Bank of Altus based upon Vectra MAPI account activity View/download

Unauthorized Refund of Down Payments to Mt. Harris Lot Investors View/download

Financial Statement of Altus Venture LLC 2 for the six months ending June 30 2007 View/download

Grassy Creek Holdings Company Capital Contribution into MAPI of 23 Mt. Harris lots View/download

John Price Lien Letter to HOs and e-mails RE ROBINSON'S LIENS -- Discusses derailing Ron and Roger, and filing liens to tie up the property. View/download

Sale Proceeds Not Delivered to MAPI Vectra Account View/download

Supposed Mirror Account for MAPI at First State Bank of Altus based upon Peachtree Server documentation View/download

Unknown Bonus Pool Compensating Mainly Top Executives Of MAPI View/download

Problems At The Villages At Hayden---FAQ View/download

Paul Doughty

The following cite examples of the many titles that Paul Doughty signed off as an officer of various subsidiaries of the Altus group.

Demand Letter by Altus Venture, LLC to MAPI for Promissory Notes of $510,000 and $1 million with Documentation dated October 18 2006 and October 25 2006 View/download

Proposed memorandum of understanding dated March 21, 2006 Significant changes were made before final signature. View/download

4S $9M Promissory Note to First State Bank of Altus - April 26, 2006 View/download

Demand Letter by First State Bank of Altus to 4S Development, LTD for Promissory Note of $9M dated April 26, 2006 - August 16, 2007 View/download

Altus Venture, LLC Web page View/download

Bruni Hired

Don Anderson unilaterally hires Bruni as president of MAPI. Anderson signed a contract with Bruni without the full knowledge of other partners, that would require 75% of partners to break. The contract also gave Bruni rights and benefits of First State Bank of Altus and gave Bruni control over a bonus program where 10% of Company's net before-tax profits would be set aside for distribution to key expectative and management employees.

Bruni unauthorized Employment Agreement with MAPI View/download

Bruni as Director for Quartz Mountain Aerospace View/download

Bruni comparison of compensation MAPI vs Vectra Bank View/download

Bruni compensation request from Altus Venture View/download

Bruni e-mails while Pres of Vectra Bank View/download

Bruni Employee Benefits View/download

Bruni MAPI resignation letter and response View/download

Bruni unauthorized signing bonus View/download

Altus Venture, LLC 2 invoice requesting payment from MAPI for David Bruni's payroll for period ending View/download

Misc documents

Court case docket report updated through October 24, 2008 View/download

4S Unauthorized Signators Shows check where members of the Altus Group signed checks unauthorized.

Consulting Fees for Don Anderson and Bill Grissom 2006 & 2007

Disclaimer. This is the writers best interpretative reconstruction of the events based on information gleamed from the Colorado lawsuit and other available sources. The fact that the Altus Group, in spite of a court order, has yet to provide a full accounting to the other partners leaves some information incomplete and best good faith estimate.

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