Recapture (Clawback) and Penalties for Wrong.

Originally intended to recovery the amount in tax credits when a violation was uncovered. But, later amendments have essentailly watered down or removed any from of punishement.

In the event of violations

Of particular note is language included in the 2006 changes that specifically allows those caught violating the law to take tax credits are entitled to keep all ill-gotten tax credits. Section 22.G

Yet harsh penalities are provided for any who reveal public information to the public.

Jail time for disclosing public information. Section 1.C.27 & G

Other related language

Money and benefits previously received that are taken back due to specially arising circumstances, but not for violations. Section 2.B.2.d

Toothless penalties for wrongful acts by Venture Capital Company. Section 4.C

Toothless penalties for tax credit users. Section 4.G

Toothless penalties for tax credit users. Section 26

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