Unknowns using public money to build a corporate monopoly.

Only the venture capital companies, not the "so called investors" that will own interest in these business ventures. Interest in business ventures bought and paid for by the taxpayers. Who paid twice the cost. The "so called investors" are no more than investors in the venture capital company.

This is significant in many aspects. One such would be, the VCC principal's are free to structure the "so called investors'" interest as a different percentage arrangement, giving them control of both ends of the deal.

Sections Capital Formation Incentive Act
Section 19.B Thirty percent (30%) of the cash amount invested of a qualified investment in qualified rural small business capital companies which is subsequently invested in an Oklahoma rural small business venture by the qualified rural small business capital company

Section 20.A

.....there shall be allowed a credit ..... for qualified investment made in Oklahoma rural small business ventures in conjunction with investment in such ventures made by a qualified rural small business capital company. 

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