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OTC the untouchables! How OTC uses public money to hold sway over Oklahoma's government.

April 09, 2009

We previously exposed evidence showing how the Oklahoma Tax Commission has allowed the state's tax credit program to be used to scam $100s million per year while returning the state nothing of meaningful value.

The result is $100s million in state funded unearned profits going into unknown pockets. OTC is in a unique position of having:

1) Complete say over who and what schemes are allowed, and

2) Authority to withholdi all information about the program, preventing discovery.

It should be pointed out that:

1) Public officials are legally allowed to reap these huge unearned profits.

2) Only a small fraction of the $100s million per year will fund every election for every candidate for every state wide office. By controlling who is getting how much OTC has a huge indirect influence over the heads of every elected official in today's era of high campaign financing cost.

Is this the reason the governor and not one state lawmaker would read or vote against the two amendments that failed to prevent this abuse?

Is this the reason no state official is willing to take a public stance on the tax credit issue? None are willing to challenge or hold OTC accountable?

This is what puts OTC in a position of the untouchables, in a state of blind trust and loyalty. The very thing the framers of our constitution tried to protect us against.

While loyalty is one of mankind's greatest traits, once we allow others to lure our eyes from the cliff's edge loyalty becomes our destruction.
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