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Quartz Mountain Aerospace to get order to pay workers
SWOK News, January 8, 2009
Zeke Campfield

ALTUS The state Department of Labor is expected to issue an order this week alleging that an Altus airplane manufacturing company neglected to pay benefit premiums for a dozen of its employees.

Ray Andrews, director of the Employment Standards Division for the state Department of Labor, said once an Agency Order of Determination is served to Quartz Mountain Aerospace, the company will have 20 days to appeal.

Otherwise, he said, the state will order the company to pay its employees within 50 days and assess the company a 2 percent increase in money owed each day.

"We're right at the point of determining what indeed is going to commence," Andrews said.

Several of the 97 employees laid off in November complained to the state that premiums for their benefits including health insurance were not being paid.

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