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Insurance troubles for furloughed workers in Altus, December 18, 2008

Altus_Quartz Mountain Aerospace says that it had to lay off 97 employees because economic problems are causing layoffs and restructuring, and some employees are complaining of problems with their insurance.

Anita Zein says that she only wants her job back and to be treated fairly, and Quartz Mountain says it wants another chance. Zein was an employee at Quartz Mountain Aerospace for two years, but in October heard that the recession may cause problems - in November she was temporarily laid off.

The company says it would like to bring the employees back, but Zein felt left out in the cold when she got her medical bills. She had been told she would be covered by insurance. "I kind of got my feelings hurt just a little bit because I was told I was covered, and then I wasn't," she said. "We have every intention of making good on what we've said that we'd do for our employees," said Vice President of Business Development Tracy Thomason. "Some of the employees may not be very happy, which is completely understandable...but...just hang in there."

Quartz Mountain says the company is trying to do better, but were unwilling to let 7News in on their long-term strategy goals. "We're working with them very closely to make sure that things will go through if they haven't been covered," said Thomason. "We'll make sure the premiums are paid up, and those claims will be resubmitted, and - hopefully - paid."

Zein says she loved working for Quartz Mountain Aerospace, but she says she knows she's been wronged - however, she will be waiting for a call to return to work. Quartz Mountain says it's working on better communication between employees and former employees. Thomason says they are expecting finances to be in better shape by mid-January.

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