Gross Production Tax Revenue Theft Problematic Payoff Timeline!

1. 2006 March. The Altus OK Bank Group, First Bank Altus OK, and subsidiaries (3), mainly Altus Venture, were setting up a 4,000-acre resort area land development partnership scam in Colorado. Mountain Adventure Investment Properties (MAPI) (4).

2006 March 30 the Tulsa World, exposed Altus Venture for what was then called tax credit abuse and lawmakers covered-up with SB1577. In short, Altus Venture's claimed to invest $221 million in Quartz Mountain Aerospace (QMA) was fraudulent (5). See articles

2006 Mar 30 Late. Chaparral Energy filed an SEC stock filing amendment, declaring they had earlier bought $20 million tax credits from Altus Venture at half-price. They had not reported. Chaparral later purchased another $10 million tax credits at half-price. Chaparral had to continue accounting the $30 million. It would serve as a critical element in following the money trail all part of the evidence. Chaparral Form S-1 IPO Amend No 2 033006 amd Chaparral Form S-1 IPO Amend No 2 033006

Multiple uses of the same tax credits by different parties. You will see the Oklahoma Tax Commission swapped Altus Venture $60 million and Chaparral $30 million for $90 million in tax refunds in 2009. Other evidence suggests more tax credits were sold to others, and both parties used. See articles

Note: When the claims were submitted in October 2006 Altus Venture claimed investing $200 million in QMA and took $60 million tax credits. Affinity Ventures claimed among other investments, investing $21 million in QMA and took $6 million tax credits. The Altus Venture/QMA claim was only 1 of 166, hidden 2006 investment claims, and 1 of 516, hidden 2006 - 2009 investment claims. 17 others filed xxxx claims for $185 million tax credits

2. 2007 Aug. Victims in Colorado exposed the Altus Bank Group. The victims captured the Altus Bank Group's financial records and emails ((6)., proving crimes in both Colorado and in Oklahoma, where authorities covered-up the crimes. Authorities ignored this evidence, and it became at the center of the FBI framing me, and what followed.

3. 2008 Nov. QMA prematurely closed for lack of money. State law required the Oklahoma Tax Commission to recover the tax credits. Instead, the 2006 tax credits (7). were part of four boxes of claims totaling $165 million that mysteriously appeared at the OTC. OTC swapped the counterfeit 2006 tax credits for gross production tax refunds. Claims filed starting in early 2007. We now know at least some of the tax credits had already been used and allowed to be used again and swapped for gross production tax refunds.

Note: Nov 2008 was the start, and the payoff was the primary role of the 1,500 blown-off OTC emails obtained in April 2010 that tripped-up the cover-up (9). This situation involved five of Oklahoma's sixty-three different tax credit types and three tax refund types

4. 2008 Nov thru 2009 July OTC swapped $135 million counterfeit 2006 tax credits for $183 million gross production tax refunds off the books. Another $14 million we can't account that gets us to $197 million. Evidence suggests even more tax credits were sold and used as tax credits starting 2006.

Note: The most drastic drop in oil price history, 70% occurred from July to November 2008. Oklahoma was not collecting enough gross production tax revenue to pay the refunds, let alone fund the gross production tax share of the budget. Authorities pushing too finish pay-off by the end of FY 2009, had to divert funds from other programs. At the end of FY 2009, Oklahoma was $1.2 billion in the hole. Total revenue for the 1st Qtr. FY 2010 was only $1.3 billion. We'll get back to what authorities did.

5. 2009 Jan the Altus Bank Group came under investigation for crimes in Colorado. Oklahoma area bank regulators and the FBI stole the Colorado investigation, did not investigate, and the FBI framed me as a Confidential Informant (11). The FBI tried to use me as a Colorado dummy pigeon agent to avoid exposure to Colorado victims, witnesses, and evidence.

For the record, the victims in Colorado, and I knew there was no investigation occurring in Colorado, and we continued working on getting the attention of other authorities and media.

6. 2009 July 31. The Altus bank was closed to cover-up (5). supposedly because the bank was $8 million off-balance. $91 million assets and $99 million liabilities. Bank regulators failed to account for $216 million in subsidiaries' accounts. The $156 million showing in the bank holding company's Federal Reserve subsidiaries report, and $60 million gross production tax refunds paid Altus Venture during the bank examination, Jan - Jul 2009.

At the end of FY 2009, Oklahoma was $1.2 billion in the hole. Oklahoma's total revenue was $1.3 billion for Q1 of FY 2010.

7. 2009 August. Oklahoma state authorities trying to cover-up, starting August 2009, diverted (stole) $2.12 billion from 2009 Federal Stimulus Funds (earmarked for education and children's health care) and drained Oklahoma's, Rainy-Day Fund. $2 billion was all the money state authorities could get their hands on, but not enough to keep Oklahoma out of a recessionary tailspin. 2009 August state authorities stole $2.12 billion (12).

8. 2010 April. A State Representative got his hands on the 1,500 (blown-off) Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) emails (9).

Oklahoma Tax Commission emails revealed tax credits were not documented, and no records maintained for tax credit used.

I started reporting evidence found in the OTC emails, and the FBI began threatening and attempted bribery. Then the FBI realized they had not bothered to investigate the Colorado case. That was where the FBI tried to bribe my help framing one of the Colorado victims and an appraiser for appraiser fraud. This FBI version was one part of the three-way appraiser fraud contradiction (13).

9. 2010 May. Letters of testimony by the former president of QMA stating QMA did not receive the funding claimed. Other statements made here do not conflict. John Daniel's letter of testimony to House Committee and John Daniel's letter published in the Altus Times

10. 2010 August. The Oklahoman reported Russian connection had funded Kevin Calvey's U.S. Congressional election campaign. Kevin Calvey's Election Funding Articles

The FBI dismissed me as a Confidential Informant.

11. 2011 Mar - I obtained confirmation the FBI's framed me as a Confidential Informant.

12. 2012 May - FDIC cover-up the DOJ would later contradict by switching the accused and victims.

13. 2014 Mar - FDIC cover-up two again contradicting the DOJ.

14. 2016 Apr - I emailed the FDIC OIG agent I learned was investigating at that point and informed him the FBI had framed me, and I had evidence. Then followed up with VM. The agent never responded.

15. 2016 Jun - DOJ cover-up. Contradicting both FBI and FDIC.

16. 2017 Feb - FDIC contradicting the FBI and later DOJ for the third time.

17. 2017 Aug - OKWD FBI's turn a blind eye campaign.

18. 2018 Dec - FBI data breaches Oklahoma State (13).

19. 2019 Apr - FBI data breaches U.S. (13).

Swapping tax credits for gross production tax refunds is one of four ways to monetize (launder counterfeit) tax credits other that using to evade paying state income taxes. View

This also includes multiple uses of the same tax credits that can be seen here. One place to see that is Altus Venture, and Chaparral Energy LLC used the same tax credits, Altus Venture, sold to Chaparral Energy LLC.

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