Date Subject Link
5/27/2008 Suspicious campaign contributions? Tax credit loophole remains open! View
6/16/2008 Are Oklahoma Tax payers subsidizing huge windfall profits View
6/24/2008 The public misled into believing the Tax Credit loophole View
6/25/2008 Cover Up; creating means to hide official involvement View
7/1/2008 Deliberate ignorance; deliberate neglect; cover up View
7/2/2008 OK Gov & Lawmakers; negligent; criminal ignorance View
7/10/2008 Open letter to OK elected Officials; Crooks; Cowards View
7/13/2008 Revealing more Oklahoma Tax Credit Fraud; dirty little secret View
8/18/2008 Did $325000 in hidden PAC money keep tax credit loophole open? View
8/25/2008 Congressional Campaign Funding; hidden by FEC and Secret Federal agency PAC; tied to Russian Mafia funds View
8/27/2008 Money laundering $470 Million over 100 LLCs criminal profits View
8/28/2008 $325K hidden PAC money and tax credit loophole connection View
9/2/2008 Aircraft Co asking city of Altus for $1 Million to pay Kansas View
9/18/2008 Did OK Officials pocket half of $90 Million in Tax Credits View
9/22/2008 $100s Million s first revealed OK Tax Credit cards gone wild View
9/25/2008 Is the Oklahoman covering a Gaylord family connection to tax credit abuse? View
9/26/2008 OKs secret State income Tax avoidance scheme; for the wealthy View
10/2/2008 Tax shelter operated by hidden LLC supported by banks and churches View
10/10/2008 Ventures financial troubles Expose Tax Credit incentives View
10/16/2008 Hiding the use of public funds; the unmistakable mark of wrong in government! View
10/21/2008 Why did OK lawmakers fail on two occasions to close a huge tax loophole? View
11/12/2008 OKs economic program declared flawed; scam by 9 State s View
12/3/2008 How a program promising a future is stealing that future View
12/4/2008 One way Tax Credit abuse kickbacks could work; very clever View
12/16/2008 Business skims employee withholdings; after getting $66 million View
12/18/2008 Add a Colorado resort area lawsuit to an Altus groups list View
12/18/2008 Altus groups ever widening net of financial misdeeds! View
12/30/2008 Are Oklahoma lawmakers held hostage through implied extortion View
1/12/2009 Newly uncovered documents Expose more Tax Credit abuses View
1/28/2009 Did Failed airplane company Expose Officials benefiting View
2/27/2009 Federal Reserve Board announces C&D against FSB Bancorp View
3/11/2009 Altus Ventures attorney suddenly withdraws only hours before View
3/17/2009 How Tax Credits were rigged to fund pork off the books View
4/7/2009 OTC allowed Scissortail to take as much as 540 percent profit View
4/8/2009 It is past time to aim the finger of blame at the OK authorities View
4/9/2009 OTC the untouchables! How OTC uses public money to hold sway View
4/12/2009 A plea to the press for help in exposing Tax Credit abuses View
4/13/2009 Now 10 more Tax Credit fraud schemes OTC is covering up View
4/23/2009 OTCs involvement in Tax Credit fraud is tipped by ignoring View
5/7/2009 New Tax Credit fraud evidence calls for investigating State View
5/26/2009 ??? Oklahoma Tax Commission is reporting false and deceptive information! View
5/27/2009 ??? OTC reporting false and deceptive information View
6/11/2009 Smoking bombshell! Altus Gang frauds View
7/14/2009 More evidence Oklahoma Officials are profiting for protecting View
7/31/2009 FDIC seizes First State Bank Altus; OK View
8/7/2009 State Officials cover up Altus bank criminals flee pt 1 View
8/10/2009 State Officials cover up Altus bank criminals flee pt 2 View
8/20/2009 Newly uncovered Altus Gang fake loan scheme over $1 billion View
9/2/2009 $24 Million in Tax Credits and direct funding phantom busines View
9/3/2009 Was a corporate jet bought for personal use with Tax Credits View
9/4/2009 Beyond ridiculous $68 in Tax Credits for each $1 invested View
9/10/2009 SEC filings reveals Chaparral Energy received $20-30 Million View
9/17/2009 Revealing who used $642 Million of Altus Banks fake loans View
9/23/2009 Metastasized corruption; when it cost more than $1 Million View
10/6/2009 More false Tax Credit claims; Filing bankruptcy as the Tax View
10/9/2009 Blogs View
10/22/2009 OTC Tax Credit cover up It is the secrecy; stupid View
10/26/2009 Mastins Mafia caught red handed trying to cover up fraud View
10/26/2009 Weyerhaeuser recd $54 mil Tax Credits ; $333;000 per employee View
11/2/2009 Another missing $112 Million in 2007 Tax Credits found View
11/3/2009 Task Force Tax Credit study a whitewash to cover up fraud View
11/4/2009 A challenge for the OEA ( Tax Credits ) McCurtain Daily Gazette View
12/10/2009 No accountability $3 billion or 30 percent of OKs annual expenditures View
12/16/2009 Are you ready to listen; NOW Or; continue ignoring fraud and View
12/16/2009 Results of out of control Tax Expenditures View
12/18/2009 Take a look Mastins black book of crooks hidden by false reports View
12/21/2009 Simple Secrecy View
1/27/2010 Foxborough Prospectus View
2/2/2010 New nursing home tax credit fraud! It is the secrecy; stupid! View
2/2/2010 New nursing home tax credit fraud scheme! It is the secrecy; stupid! View
2/3/2010 Governor To Repeal Tax Credits View
2/11/2010 Who receives $31 million tax credits; only $5.4 million goes to investments? View
2/15/2010 Tax credits allowed for claiming city payment to construction contractor was an investment View
2/22/2010 News Officials involved; cover up; profiting.cfm View
2/22/2010 Tax Exempt Tax Credits View
2/24/2010 Program state lawmakers created to earn their own 200% instant profits. View
2/25/2010 Fraudulent claims; official involvement and lying; false reports; concealment; cover up; failure to recover stolen public funds. View
3/4/2010 Why did OTC hide Weyerhaeuser used $54 Million in Tax Credits View
3/11/2010 $45 Million fraud investment fails 16 months; kept $90 Million View
3/14/2010 OTC Hidden Tax Refund View
3/18/2010 Money trail; $60 Million fraud. Fake loans View
3/23/2010 Tax Credits Missing Open Books View
3/25/2010 OTC MoneyTrail View
3/29/2010 FBI Alert Public Corruption View
3/30/2010 WFG offering $2 Tax Refunds for $1 View
3/31/2010 Tax Credit scheme used by Foxborough to scam Tax Credits View
4/1/2010 Foxborough Scheme View
4/2/2010 Foxborough 10x Investment View
5/13/2010 John Daniels Letter View
5/18/2010 OTC allows BOK subsidiary $800 Million Tax Credits View
5/20/2010 Oversight Receives Tax Credits View
5/20/2010 Tax Credit Double Dipping View
5/23/2010 Avondale $2 for $1 Offer View
5/26/2010 BOK claimed Tax Credits for buying interest in nonprofits View
5/27/2010 Private Tax Credit Program View
7/13/2010 BOK SEC Complaint View
10/21/2010 New evidence OTC cover up; missing documents; hidden refund View
11/10/2010 Open Books; Key Tax Credits all missing; or false View
11/11/2010 Open Books; False; misleading and missing information View
11/22/2010 $1.3 Billion in Tax Credits ; more fraud; more cover up View
12/22/2010 Oklahoma Attorney General rules tax credits unconstitutiona View