ID Date Title Link
1 12/8/2018 FBI Data Breach Oklahoma View
2 4/14/2019 FBI Data Breach US View
3 8/22/2017 FBI Blind Eye Campaign View
4 5/2/2010 Letter of testimony President of Quartz Mountain Aerospace; false investment claim. letter to state house committee! QMA never received the $189 million investment View
5 5/10/2010 The Prowling Owl is right! John Daniel; fromer president of QMA; letter to Altus Times View
6 3/26/2006 (Phanthom) Loophole in tax law threatens budget? Found by unidentified attorneys View
7 3/30/2006 Heat`s on tax credit program View
8 4/17/2006 Tax Credits Await Changes - which never came View
9 4/17/2006 Tax credits may cost state millions View
10 4/18/2006 Boon for Companies-Including Insurers-and wealthy. Unidentified Attorneys? View
11 6/8/2006 Bill to end tax credit abuse signed. Some unknown person `tweaked` View
12 3/9/2006 Tax credit being abused; officials say View
13 4/27/2006 House-passed moratorium scratched View
14 5/26/2006 Oklahoman Senate approves plan to close loophole; or Business tax credit raises fears of abuse View
15 5/28/2006 Bill to end 'shell game' goes to governor View
16 9/22/2007 Tax credit letter causes public outcry. Foxborough; Capital West Securities View
17 11/5/2008 Quartz Mountain Aerospace closes after stealing employees payroll withholding View
18 10/18/2009 Oklahoma budget cuts have effect on services View
19 3/23/2010 Journal Record Streuli: Taken for a ride View
20 5/7/2010 More questions than answers about QMA View
21 1/1/1981 Andrews Davis Law Closed View
22 12/31/2010 Dubious Relationships View
23 6/1/2006 Hiding PAC Contribution View
24 1/1/2007 Suspicious Contributions View
25 4/20/2006 Calvey Club For Growth PAC and FEC View
26 4/21/2006 Beneficiaries contributed to lawmaker View
27 4/21/2006 Tax Credit Beneficiaries Contributions To Lawmaker Writing Bill View
28 4/23/2006 Altus group involved in GOP push to take over Senate View
29 5/7/2006 Fix for tax credit fiasco to be put on table View
30 5/25/2006 Tax credit legislation signed out of committee View
31 5/26/2006 House votes for bill introduced to put brakes on tax credits View
32 4/6/2006 Audit finds Oklahoma Capital Investment Board $31M in debt View
33 3/29/2006 Taxpayers in dark on tax incentive scheme View
34 11/6/2012 Oklahoma`s gross production tax collections show improvement View
35 8/10/2010 Calvey Free Russia Profits View
36 2/27/2014 FDIC Oklahoma City Attorney Matthew Griffith reach settlement concerning Failed Altus bank View
37 8/8/2010 Kevin Calvey Russian Cash And Dead Hobo View
38 8/8/2010 Russian fund boosts US Congressional candidate Kevin Calvey's campaign paying free profits View
39 8/8/2010 Russian Firm Pays 400% profits View
40 8/8/2010 Kevin Calvey Russian connections paying free investment profits View
41 8/8/2010 Kevin Calvey's brother cofounded firm with former KGB head as adviser View
42 8/14/2010 Kevin Calvey has major cash advantage over James Lankford in congressional runoff View
43 8/8/2010 Kevin Calvey summoned police to park where body of homeless man found View
44 2/28/2011 US Labor Department court judgment against Arciero; white washes corruption! View
45 9/25/2011 Insurance companies receive hundreds of millions of dollars in Oklahoma tax credits since 2004 View
46 2/14/2014 BKD Forensic Auditors - reportedly part of the bank examiners auditing First State Bank Altus OK and subs; who overlooked evidence of public and private investment Funding frauds View
47 6/10/2015 Weak Internet Security Leaves U.S. Elections Agency Vulnerable to Hackers View
48 12/6/2015 Tracking state tax credits can create budget challenge for Oklahoma View
49 7/1/2016 Doughty former president and chairman of First State Bank of Altus convicted View
50 7/1/2016 Former Altus Bank President Convicted of Bank Fraud View
51 7/2/2016 Federal grand jury convicts former Altus banker in fraud case View
52 1/1/1981 Doughty`s History; 1980`s to present View
53 1/1/1981 Doughty`s History Timeline; 1980`s to present View
54 1/1/1981 Doughty`s History View
55 7/31/2009 Doughty`s History when bank closed View
56 9/16/1981 Ayres City Banker On Alaska Trip Drowns. [Oklahoma National Bank (ONB); OKC President's Body Not Found.] View
57 9/17/1981 Ayres Obit View
58 10/1/1981 Pool and Doughty Promoted View
59 9/8/1982 Vulcan Oil Faces State Charges. [Failed Oklahoma National Bank (ONB); OKC] View
60 9/14/1982 State Judge Denies Plea For Receiver. [Failed ONB] View
61 10/5/1982 First National Foreclosed on Bank's Loan [Failed ONB] View
62 10/4/1982 First National Purchases Oklahoma National Bank View
63 10/6/1982 Ailing Vulcan Owes Oklahoma National Bank View
64 10/7/1982 FDIC Asked First National Bank to Buy Ailing ONB View
65 10/13/1982 Bankrupt Oil Company Owed ONB More Than $1.9 Million View
66 1/4/1983 Dax Files Bankruptcy [Failed ONB] View
67 6/25/1983 Criminal Allegations Made Against Oklahoma National Bank. Assistant U.S. Attorney James Bednar View
68 9/7/1983 Oilmen OK Violations Injunction [Failed ONB] View
69 6/10/1985 Sil-Flo 917 F.2d 1507 (6/10/1985 to 10/30/90 including 88-2455; 88-2456; 88-2475; 88-2492 and No. 89-6017) View
70 11/7/1985 Bank Directors Sued [Failed ONB] View
71 1/1/2005 Kevin Calvey: tax revenue theft; Congressional Campaign Funding: FEC hiding PAC; tied to Russian firm and Club for Growth PAC Funding US Election s View
72 2/11/2009 Federal Reserve C&D Bank Holding CO & Subs View
73 2/11/2009 FDIC Cease & Desist Order First State Bank Altus View
74 2/11/2009 Oklahoma budget shortfall estimate hits $900M View
75 2/28/2009 First State Bank placed under state and federal supervision View
76 12/18/2008 Insurance troubles for furloughed workers in Altus View
77 7/14/2009 Tax (Oklahomas gross production tax) collections plunge with recession View
78 7/31/2009 2009 Bank Failure News Articles View
79 10/22/2007 State launches inquiry into fund. Foxborough; Capital West Securities View
80 12/18/2008 Insurance troubles for furloughed workers in Altus View
81 7/31/2009 First State Bank of Altus fails; (authorities claim) State 's first in 17 years View
82 12/9/2009 Avondale Investments LLC wins bailout work View
83 2/17/2010 Billion-dollar budget hole causes confusion over multitudes of tax breaks View
84 11/11/1985 Penn Square (Monkey Brain Banking) Established at least this: you can be utterly bizarre and still have a meteoric career in banking. Fortune Magazine Monkey Brain - ANTIC BANKING View
85 12/21/2004 OKScam. The Untouchables Are Back! Texas Association of CountiesBad Times for Good Ol` Boys: OKSCAM - The Oklahoma County Commissioner Scandal View
86 6/1/2007 Quartz Mountain Aerospace layoffs View
87 6/4/2007 State Chamber Opposed OpenBooks View
88 8/31/2008 QMA`s Million-dollar loan request - Municipal Trust Authority View
89 9/3/2008 QMA loaned $200;000 more while stealing employee payroll withholding View
90 1/8/2009 Quartz Mountain Aerospace to get order to pay workers View
91 1/22/2009 Quartz Mountain Aerospace sued by Altus bank View
92 7/31/2009 Herring Bank; Amarillo; Texas; Assumes All of the Deposits of First State Bank of Altus; Altus; Oklahoma View
93 12/16/2008 Altus firm (Quartz Mountain Aerospace) leaves its employees out in cold View
94 11/3/2009 Quartz Mountain Aerospace files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy View
95 2/9/2010 Edmond Sun Calvey Funding View
96 5/4/2010 Senate committee votes to end tax incentive programs View
97 11/12/2010 Oklahoma lawmakers scrutinize state tax credits View
98 2/25/2011 QMA Back in News Residents seeking repayment of lost investments! View
99 5/4/2012 OCIB private firm 20 years controlling OK tax credits View
100 5/4/2012 Oklahoma venture capital board headed out; must make good on $20 million View
101 5/27/2012 Bank of Oklahoma subsidiary focus of Tax Commission audit View
102 6/21/2012 State auditor plans to examine Oklahoma tax credit programs! Right! View
103 6/21/2012 FBI Establishes International Corruption Squad View
104 2/25/2019 Head of Russias largest investment fund; funding U.S. congressional elections by paying free investment profits View
105 2/21/2019 American`s Indictment Potentially Decisive Moment for Russia; Trade Groups Say View
106 9/1/1981 FBI's Missing 1982 Bank Investigation tied to missing body View
107 9/1/2015 Great Plains Airlines 2015 View
108 8/10/2012 The Rocketplane companies file for bankruptcy View
109 4/20/2006 Calvey gets big donations from venture capitalists View
110 8/10/2010 Kevin Calvey's Election Funding View
111 11/30/2018 FBI & OSD Data Breach Oklahoma View
112 4/14/2019 FBI Data Breach US View
113 7/10/2012 FDIC Oklahoma City attorneys reach settlement concerning failed altus bank View
114 4/2/2014 Mortgage Fraud Straw Buyer View
115 Always Oklahoma Political Scandals View
116 1/12/2016 Trial set for March 21 in Altus bank fraud case View