New tax credit totals revealing more abuses and cover up.
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State officials refuse to allow the public to see how much is being taken and who is doing the taking of hugely excessive tax credits. Any information you can help gather about those listed here could be very helpful in exposing those behind Oklahoma's tax credit abuses.

What all of this means? More

Regarding the Small Business Capital Credits and Rural Small Business Capital Credits (often referred to by other names including CAPCOs), your help is needed in identifying the users and any information that may uncover any connections to those selling the tax credits. Any information you are can to share would be a great help. Location, business involvement, any connections, etc.

Important: Many on this list, in my view, are legitimate users of tax credits. There is a larger issue in play, the names that are not on this list. The innocent are in a position to help identify those selling tax credits.

Note: The Oklahoma Tax Commission:
  • Significantly unreports both the Small Business and Rural Small Business Capital tax credits.
  • and
  • Fails to report the Small Business and Rural Small Business Venture tax credits.
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1. The tax commission does not report all tax credits as required by law.

2. Misspellings and the the variety of methods used in name reporting may require creative searching. A trust hamy have been reported as John Doe trust, Doe, John trust; Doe trust, etc. For that reason viewing alphabetically may be faster if the first name search doesn't reveal the expected results.

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