"> Prowling Owl Blogging on Tax Credit Abuses
Prowling Owl Blogging on Tax Credit Abuses
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State Auditor and Inspector Report Oklahoma Capital Investment Board $31M in debt View
Unearned gains, BOK and insiders. BOK Financial Corp - Unreported Income and Tax Years BOK Financial Corp Insiders Robert G Heard - Cimarron Business Capital Company View
OTC allows BOK subsidiary $800 million tax credit claim for a previously closed program! View
Head of co. that received millions in state tax credits outlines 'complicated financial scam'! View
Oklahoma Tax Commission's misuse of public funds exposed by internal emails! View
Now more than $1.3 Billion for less than 2 years View
Manager of state tax credit program got 99% of tax credits going to fund he provides oversight! View
Weyerhaeuser received $109 million in tax credits: $673,000 per existing employee! View
Tax Commission auditors limited, restricted and findings ignored! View
New evidence OTC cover up - missing documents, hidden refund claims, blocking audits, more! View

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