"> Rocketplane another failed scheme used to scam Oklahoma taxpayers
Rocketplane another failed scheme used to scam Oklahoma taxpayers
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"We gave $17.9 million in tax credits to that space group in Burns Flat and they turned around and sold them for $15 million and there's no space ship or no plans to have one," State Rep. David Dank, R-Oklahoma City

Little has been uncovered on Rocketplane. We know Rocketplane which at least $17.9 million in tax credits went to Rocketplane, which in turn sold $15 million of those for cash. Another tax credit rip off that produced nothing except a rusty shell of an old airplane cockpit that anyone can pickup from an aircraft junk yard for little more than the cost to haul it away.

Rumor had it that Rocketplane, located at Burns Flat, OK, hired few Oklahomans while preferring to bring their Kansas employees to Oklahoma on a temporary basis to work on another project they hoped would land a NASA contract. Of course Rocketplane failed there too.

Rocketplane is a great example of how inept and totally unqualified those allowed tax credits are in selecting business investments.

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