Title 68. Revenue and Taxation

   Oklahoma Statutes Citationized
       Title 68. Revenue and Taxation
           Chapter 1 - Tax Codes
              Article Article 23 - Income Tax
                    Section 2357.8A - Recapture Events
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A. The provisions of this section shall only be applicable to investments in qualified venture capital companies made on or after June 7, 2006, pursuant to Section 2357.7 of this title. As used in this section, "recapture event" means that with respect to an investment in an Oklahoma business venture by a qualified venture capital company:

1. The Oklahoma business venture fails to expend at least fifty percent (50%) of the proceeds of qualified investments for acquisition of tangible or intangible assets to be used in the active conduct of the trade or business of the Oklahoma business venture or for working capital for the active conduct of such trade or business within eighteen (18) months after the investment is made or within an extension of such period as provided in Section 2357.7 of this title. For purposes of this paragraph, "working capital" shall not include consulting, brokerage or transaction fees;

2. The investment in the Oklahoma business venture is transferred, withdrawn or otherwise returned within five (5) years; provided, a "recapture event" shall not include the transfer, withdrawal or return of an investment as a result of a "market-based liquidity event." As used in Section 2351 et seq. of this title, a "market-based liquidity event" means that an Oklahoma business venture:

a. sells all or substantially all of its assets to, or is acquired by share acquisition, share exchange, merger, consolidation or other similar transaction by another person or entity other than a person or entity controlled by a person that made an investment in the qualified venture capital company that provided funds for use by the Oklahoma business venture,

b. conducts an initial public offering of a class of its equity securities pursuant to the requirements of the United States Securities Act of 1933 or other applicable federal law governing the sale of securities in interstate commerce,

c. makes an amortization payment under the terms of a debt instrument, or

d. repays indebtedness from net income as determined in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles or proceeds of the sale of assets in the ordinary course of business; or

3. The Oklahoma Tax Commission finds that the investment does not meet the requirements of Section 2357.7 of this title.

B. If a recapture event occurs with respect to an investment for which a credit authorized by Section 2357.7 of this title was claimed, the tax imposed pursuant to the applicable provisions of Title 36 of the Oklahoma Statutes or this title shall be increased to the extent of the recaptured credit amount.

C. For purposes of this section, the recapture amount shall be equal to the sum of:

1. The aggregate decrease in the credits previously allowed to the taxpayer pursuant to Section 2357.7 of this title for all prior taxable periods which would have resulted if no credit had been authorized with respect to the qualified investment; plus

2. Interest at the rate prescribed by Section 217 of this title on the amount determined pursuant to paragraph 1 of this subsection for each prior taxable period for the period beginning on the due date for filing the applicable report or return for the prior taxable period.

D. The tax for the taxable period shall be increased pursuant to this section only with respect to credits which were used to reduce tax liability. In the case of credits not used to reduce tax liability, the carryforwards allowed shall be adjusted accordingly.

E. For any transaction that is audited by the Tax Commission after such credits have been allowed, but which is subsequently determined to constitute a recapture event, the Tax Commission shall be required to disallow any and all credits claimed in violation of the requirements of this section or any other provision of Section 2357.7 or 2357.8 of this title for a period of ten (10) years after the date as of which any applicable tax report or return utilizing such credits is filed.

F. The provisions of subsection E of this section shall supersede any other provision of the Uniform Tax Procedure Code or any other state tax law that would prohibit the disallowance of such credits based upon an otherwise applicable statute of limitations.

Historical Data

Added by Laws 2006, SB 1577, c. 281, § 5, emerg. eff. June 7, 2006; Amended by Laws 2008, SB 2129, c. 440, § 2, eff. August 22, 2008 (superseded document available).

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