Weyerhaeuser received $170 million (minimum in tax credits), over 3 years with no increase in employees!

Updated: 2019

Re: Oklahoma Investment/New Jobs Credit 68 ยง 2357.4 awards 1% or $500 per new employee for investments less than $40 million, or 2% or $1,000 per new employee for investments more than $40 million.

Re: Largest users of tax credits view

Another confusing case where information reported in past reports were changed in later years reports.

Weyerhaeuser used $170 million to $328 million during the period 2007 thru 2009 alone. During this period Weyerhaeuser remained at approximately 185 employees in Oklahoma, according to Weyerhaeuser's corporate website.

For Weyerhaeuser alone and using the lowest number $170 million Weyerhaeuser had to investment totaling $8.5 billion or create 170,000 new jobs or some combination of two!

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